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Use Additional Information to Your Advantage

Monster Resume Expert

The Additional Information section in Monster's Resume Builder is optional, but you can use it to help you secure more job interviews. After all, it is the last section in the Builder -- your last chance to make a strong statement about your credentials.

The best information to include depends on your career goal and background, so the content varies by job seeker. Keeping in mind that your Monster resume is a marketing tool, you should incorporate information that will help market you to the employers who can help you achieve your career goal. Think of it this way: If you had one last chance to sell yourself to a potential employer, what would you say?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Qualifications Summary
You may use the Additional Information section to present a summary of your qualifications or career profile. A qualifications summary highlights your key selling points and may include examples of your top accomplishments that are related to your objective.

End your resume with a strong statement of your past performance by including a list of awards, honors or recognitions.

Have you received letters of recommendation or performance evaluations that contain compelling quotes about your work performance? If so, consider adding the best excerpts from these documents to your Additional Information section.

Publishing Credits
If your work is published, you may include a publications list here.

Include a list of patents (including patents pending) to which you contributed, if you have any.

Public Speaking
Public speaking is a desirable skill for many occupations. Impress potential employers by including a list of your speaking engagements, such as keynote speeches, workshop presentations and seminars. You may also include participation in work-related forums.

Computer Skills
The Resume Builder's Skills section allots 50 characters per skill. If you're in a technical field and would like to provide a longer list of computer skills broken down by category (e.g., networking, operating systems, hardware, etc.), use the Additional Information section to provide your list.

Training Completed
You may list professional development/continuing education in this section.

Portfolio or Writing Samples
Availability of a portfolio or writing samples is important for some occupations. Mention that these are available on request, or provide a Web site link for immediate access.

Target Location
The Resume Builder includes fields for your target location and willingness to relocate, but your Additional Information section is a good place for you to include a strong statement of your geographic preference. For example, if you are definitely moving to Vancouver, add a statement such as "Relocating to Vancouver in September 2005."

Willingness to Travel
If your availability to travel domestically or internationally would help sell you to potential employers, mention this in the Additional Information section.

What to Omit
Omit personal information such as marital status, age, number of children, etc. Also, avoid listing hobbies unless they are related to your goal or reveal character traits employers would find desirable.
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